I have been attempting to find my way to this, my web page, for the past week. This is my first successful attempt, after a half dozen unsuccessful ones. First I must let everyone know this is an ADULT site and is intended only for those over eighteen years of age. Content having to do with intimate sexual relationships will be discussed.

Rhonda was a sexy eastern Airlines stewardess I knew for a couple years in my mid-twenties. Unfortunately for me she was married to a guy I grew up with in my little suburb of Miami, Florida., a frenemie.

At first we were just buddies but soon her flirtatious nature and humor began to attract me a little more each time i saw her. She began to give me little flashes down her blouse or dress at her fine ta-ta.  It was the beginning of a seduction, but I didn’t know it for a while.To this day she is one of the sexiest women I have ever known.

I am in general fascinated with most women; how they think, their likes and dislikes, their attractions and turn-offs, and the thought processes that go into those decisions.Sometimes the logic is impeccably clear. other times, it seems completely devoid of rhyme or reason.

One thing I am sure of is that women have a better grasp of the overall presiding theme of Life. It is ALL about the mating game; finding a mate and keeping them, passing on your genes to the next generation.

Once we find a potential mate us guys shift our goals from getting laid and laid well and often, to having children. Hemingway said it this way: The mountain moved. It was no longer she and I. WE were the focus- She and I, then she and I became three.

He was talking about being focused on himself until he met her. He then became concerned with providing for and protecting the two of them- a small but earth-shaking shift in his world view that would include her and their offspring. We grow into it, whereas women seem to have a good feel and understanding of that concept from an early age.

I am planning to blog here every day for a while, until I get comfortable. I hope you will join me when you can. Thanks.liberatingrhondacover