I have been in the process of moving from Florida to Georgia. I am scheduled for surgery on my left foot August tenth to remedy the arthritic growth on my left instep. I broke my left ankle in 2005 and spent 10 months in a HALO cast as it was healing. The doctors told me then that I would have significant arthritis on that side, and they were right. This surgery will scrape away the knot, put a plate in my foot, and straighten out my big toe, which has begun leaning toward the toe next to it. They say I will be in a knee-high cast and on crutches for 2-3 months and a boot afterward. That should provide a lot of time for reading and writing. I am looking forward to building this site up as the go-to place for the entire Rhonda trilogy.
Currently I am re-editing the first part of Liberating Rhonda, and learning a LOT in the process, although its a slow and difficult voyage. I plan to write something here 3 times a week or more at the beginning, before my surgery. After the procedure is done it will depend on how well I’m healing and feeling. Thanks for stopping by ! I will be back soon! !