Liberating Rhonda is a Sixties coming-of-age tale of Rhonda and Gwen, best friends, and their hormonal curiosities and initial explorations of guys, romance, and sex.…

“Even though I prefer to enjoy the entire hour with him, sometimes Gwen, I’ve found I can satisfy Marc to completion in about a minute if my mouth and hands are used together just right. “she stated with some satisfaction.

“You mean a quickie, Rhonda?” Gwen said, her smile growing larger.

“Yeah.” Rhonda mischievously grinned back. “How cool is that ? I am calling the shots from my knees!”

It soon became clear Rhonda could have her way with Marc almost any time she wantedthirty seconds, five minutes, ten minutes, it didn’t matter.

She IS in charge.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author.

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