I boosted an excerpt from Liberating Rhonda over the weekend for fifty bucks and received 75 Likes, which was not bad. Only ONE of those 75 however clicked on the link to my Amazon page. That’s less than 2% sell thru. I also decided to join Kindle unlimited so maybe that will provide some exposure. When I started I believed writing would be the greatest challenge. If the storytelling was good it would sell itself. I no longer believe that. Writing seems to me now to be HALF the battle. Marketing is the other half. Shoot, I am still a Rookie Writer and learning the craft! I know little and less about marketing and it shows in my sales so far. I figure my costs so far to be approximately eight grand. My profits so far are less than a hundred bucks, mostly friends and fellow writers. This certainly IS an expensive hobby! More than once I’ve considered switching from writing novels to maybe short stories. I have  sections of about five short stories already written. I use them as a change of pace when My Muse won’t visit. A clear, clean paragraph in a ten-page short story has more impact than one in a 150-page novel. Its easy to get discouraged in this business because there are so many really good authors out there already competing for readers. I enjoy it though, and don’t want to quit, mainly because it stimulates my synapses and challenges me, giving me a meaning, purpose, and direction I need in my life. When My Muse DOES visit, writing is my second favorite activity in the world !