Olde Hippie

I began playing tackle football in the sixth grade on the Virginia Gardens team, as Miami Springs didn’t have a team yet. I would ride my bike about a mile-and-a-half  each way after school to Blessed Trinity field in full pads from my home at the corner of Hammond and Westward Drive. After a couple hours of practice the trip home was a long and slow one. Once a week or so I would stop at Grace’s Deli for a Coke before starting home. I think it cost a nickel in 1959, if memory serves me, which it sometimes does.

I liked the physical contact as it was a socially acceptable way to release my frustrations. Wayne McMullen was our halfback- running back now- and he was amazingly fast. I used to enjoy just watching him run- a smooth, short, compact graceful stride, almost like ballet it was so coordinated…

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