Liberating Rhonda is a sensual Sixties romp featuring Rhonda and her BFF Gwen and their hormonal high school curiosities about guys, relationships, and romance.…

She couldn’t decide whether to close her eyes to better feel him penetrating her or keep them open to watch Hot Rod disappear deep inside. If possible, Rhonda would have done both. Knowing that wasn’t possible, she decided to close her eyes to focus and more intensely enjoy in the once-in-a-lifetime delight of her first male lover making his entrance.

As he inched his way in she felt a serious twinge, the pain sweet and sharp. His muscular washboard belly was flush with hers on each down stroke. It was done! She was now a full-fledged woman. The temporary discomfort was a necessary evil, initially equal parts pleasure and pain.

A new chapter in her life had begun.

Beau Johnson, Author, Adult Fiction, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited