Liberating Rhonda is a Sixties coming-of-age tale featuring Rhonda and her best friend, Gwen, and their hormonal high school curiosities about guys, romance, and relationships.…

In the end, the excitement and anticipation of bagging Hot Rod as Rhonda’s first trophy fuck outweighed her reservations about the resilience of the rubber.

Lying naked on the mattress in the deserted cabin, she took five little puffs on the joint he passed to her, and that seemed to be enough to calm most of her fears while she waited for him to get naked. He peeled the rubber away from its aluminum wrapper, and rolled it down his stiff cock, covering 80% of it.

So that’s how a rubber goes on, she marveled. And he does it. Rhonda’s realization that nothing was required of her in the process relieved her


The very thought of him on top of her and between her legs, pinning her to the mattress, his beautiful cock buried deep inside her and plunging repeatedly, safely and enjoyably, made her quiver.

When she didn’t resist him when he took her bikini off after a few kisses, Hot Rod knew there would be no resistance. She wants to screw me too. He had prepared for any verbal or physical defenses she might come up with, but there were none. Her only question was about the rubber. Hot Rod wanted her first experience to be a good one so she would let him bang her in the future whenever he was horny.

He was pretty sure this was her maiden voyage because Rhonda gave him a shy smile and looked away when he removed her bikini completely, crossing her ankles and covering her breasts with one arm and her bush with the other hand.

I’m probably the first guy to see her completely naked! It was to be a full day of firsts.

“Nice,” he observed, with an approving smile and a frankly sexual once-over.

Impressed by her natural good looks, the soft warm hills and valleys, and bushy uncharted territory, a woody had quickly risen to the occasion. Hello Woodrow, I’m glad to see you again! We are both in for a treat today!

Rhonda was no less impressed and thrilled with the beautiful muscularity of his body, too.

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