Librating Rhonda is a sensual Sixties coming-of-age tale featuring Rhonda and her BFF Gwen as they explore their teen curiosities about guys, romance, and relationships.…

Rhonda saved up enough money as a grocery checkout girl to buy a jalopy from Mario, a guy she knew casually from high school. His dad owned Roselli’s Garage and his son had worked there since junior high, soaking up his dad’s twenty-five years of experience and knowledge. He had a gift and became an excellent mechanic, not to mention a horndog.

Fixing up old-but-serviceable vehicles and selling them at a reasonable price became his sideline. Mario wanted four hundred bucks for the eight-year-old Ford sedan and drove a hard bargain, but Rhonda used her womanly wiles to get it for a hundred less after only three separate seven-minute negotiations.

Her car was constantly breaking down, however, requiring several more bartering exchanges of services to fix the carburetor and radio, swap out the alternator, re-attach the bumper, replace the radiator hose, turn signals, headlights, etc. Over time, he became quite popular with a half-dozen young women of limited financial means but abundant assets. Although his pay as a mechanic was minimal, the fringe benefits were freakin’ fabulous!.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU