Liberating Rhonda is a sexy Sixties romp featuring Rhonda and her BFF Gwen as they explore their curiosities about guys, romance, and relationships.…

“So, you’re a cheerleader, huh? I’m Thomas, but you can call me Hot Rod. Nice to meet you.” He said, flexing his left bicep.

“You must go to Southside High, ‘cause I’ve never seen you at Northside. I always remember the cute ones,” he said, grinning.

Red-faced again, Rhonda looked down, trying to control herself. Looking at him and his muscles so close caused a warm feeling to spread all over. Her eyes began to sparkle and gleam.

Gulping hard, the realization he obviously found her attractive made her belly tingle and nipples harden.

“I’m working on my arms today, Rhonda. Feel my arms and tell me how I’m doing,” he instructed, reaching toward her over the waist-high fence and flexing his straining sinewy bicep. A large, clearly visible blood vessel had popped out and ran down the middle of his arm from the shoulder to his elbow.

Inundated by his testosterone glow, Rhonda didn’t trust herself to touch him or his bicep for fear she might like it too much…but did it anyway and found herself trembling with wanting and desire. Not having touched a guy in almost five months, she realized the muscle and maleness had been sorely missed.

Jeez, does that feel good! Oh, fuck…

Without warning, her eyes suddenly closed and she found herself leaning forward with both of her hands around his gorgeous bicep, kissing it gently. A flame flashed sharp and deep into her warmest and most wanton femaleness.

No! Not now! It’s too soon. We just met…she silently said.

Realizing what she had done, Rhonda snapped her eyes open and her head back, eyeing him with a somewhat sickly smile of embarrassment and surrender.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU