Liberating Rhonda is a Sixties coming-of-age romp featuring Rhonda and her BFF Gwen as they satisfy their curiosities about guys, romance, and relationships.…

The modest two-piece bikinis that left home for Lake Lilly that summer morning were folded or pinned into tiny four-inch swaths, barely covering the bare essentials by the time the teen girls got settled on their towels.

An all-out competition ensued to see who was brave enough to wear the least amount of fabric, ramping up the social and sexual possibilities considerably. The guys knew it as The Land of Itsy Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Bikinis. Love, and/or lust, or both, permeated the beach and all its inhabitants. Mating season was officially open.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU