Liberating Rhonda is a sensual, sometimes explicit, Sixties exploration of guys, romance, and relationships by Rhonda and her BFF Gwen.…

Sharply-defined biceps and triceps, a broad, tanned chest, and a washboard abdomen spoke of beauty, power, and protection to the girls. Among themselves, the females dubbed the weightlifters area The Land of Marvelous Muscularity.

Rhonda loved the beautiful muscularity. A guy with muscles like that would certainly be strong and dominant enough to protect his girlfriend and make beautiful babies. Watching the guys flex sent a shudder right through her.

The girls observed every pose, pointing behind hands held up to their face occasionally, giggling, but trying not to be too obvious.

“Oh, my God! Look at him! He’s huge!” Rhonda gushed behind her hand to Gwen. “I wonder if it means his muscles are huge everywhere!” she whispered, snickering at the thought.

Awash in a sea of testosterone that matched her own rapidly escalating estrogens, Rhonda noticed one tanned and ripped guy in particular who seemed to be very popular, as he always had a crowd of smiling and laughing teens hanging around him.

“Who is that Gwen? The dark-haired guy in the black shorts by the fence. Just looking at him gives my belly butterflies!”

“I have no idea, Rhonda, but he’s freakin huge!”

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU