Liberating Rhonda is a sexy Sixties coming-of-age romp exploring the intricacies and intimacies of guys, romance, and relationships by Rhonda and her BFF Gwen.…

They also learned how to kiss by practicing on each other, just in case some boy wanted to kiss them sometime.

A girl in their class, Eva, had played spin-the-bottle at a party with three guys there. Because she puckered up in the back room just before being kissed, one of the boys later made fun of her to the other guys, saying she looked like a fish feeding. Her nickname after that party became “Fish Lips.”

Boys can be so cruel.

Eva was mortified, humiliated.

Gwen and Rhonda were going to make sure that was not going to happen to them. “Where do your hands go when kissing, and how do you know which side to tilt your head on so you don’t bump noses?” Rhonda asked with a giggle soon after word of Eva’s horrible experience got around.

“Do you press your lips firmly or softly? Lips open? What about tongue?”

“At what point do you close your eyes?” Gwen wanted to know. “Do you always close your eyes? Do you hold your breath? Breathe through your nose? How long should a kiss last?”

Their questions were plentiful and answered by trial-and-error and practice.

Carefully watching how couples kissed in movies and on TV to see how they did it, they rehearsed often at night during their sleepovers.

Eva did the same with her best girlfriend, Sissy, and never received any criticism for her smooching skills or technique again.

A little awkward and weird at first, the more they practiced kissing the better they got at it and the more fun and exciting it became. Gwen and Rhonda truly liked and cared about each other and were such close friends that it turned into a more normal expression of their mutual natural warmth and affection.

“Kissing is so nice! You’re my favorite smooching partner, Gwen, but don’t tell anyone.” Rhonda’s confession was followed by many giggles, grins, and groans.

French kissing became an important step in their romantic educational process and where they learned about the passion associated with kissing.

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