Liberating Rhonda is a sexy coming-of-age tale of young love and lust, romance and relationships, and betrayal and redemption in the early days of Women’s Liberation.

Even though they were fully clothed, Rhonda realized lying together in the forest darkness moved them further along their mutually chosen sexual path. Marc on top of her felt fabulous, too good, maybe. She liked it way too much.

Smiling to herself as he pulled the white long-sleeved blouse out of her skirt at the waist, it left him easy access to slide his hands underneath. The making out was stimulating, but if he became too worked up it also may result in a premature ending at worst, or even interfering with him from undressing her. Unwavering in her desire to be undressed, Rhonda decided to decrease the kissing intensity briefly to make it easier for him to focus on unbuttoning her sweater and blouse in the dark.

A silent smirk flashed across her face in the darkness when Marc unbuttoned her sweater and pulled her shirt out of her skirt, baring her belly and most of her chest. A hitch in her breath developed as she first exposed her flawless flesh to him for the first time. Groaning, she began to tremble as his eyes glazed over and became transfixed on her best lacy black bra.

Leaning forward and lowering his head, Marc positioned his hand to where the cup could be pulled down a little, just enough to take a taste.

Oh no, she panicked. Excitement and terror flooded her veins.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU