Liberating Rhonda is a sensual, sometimes explicit, tale of teen lust, love, and liberation in the Sixties. The first crush, first kiss, first romance and relationship, initial curiosities satisfied, and eventual disappointments are explored.

“Did you read in the paper about those women that burned their bras in public to protest women making less than men for the same job, Rhonda?”

“Yeah, I saw it, Gwen, it’s a pretty bold statement and they are right. None of those women were wearing a bra either, as part of their protest.”

” Well, I don’t wear a bra to school most days too, even though the school rules require it. It’s kinda my own protest, Rhonda.”

“Yeah, you can call it a protest if you want Gwen, but I think you do it for the attention you get from the guys!”

They shared a saucy, evil grin. ” I LOVE IT when the guys’ eyes get wide staring at my shirt! I love teasing and tempting them.”

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, kindle, KU