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Making Memories with Marc

Liberating Rhonda is a sensual coming-of-age tale featuring Rhonda and her BFF Gwen as they satisfy their curiosities about guys, romance, and relationships.

Rhonda pulled Marc’s white Jockey underwear down far enough to touch his soft, curly pubic hair, marveling it was much like her own. Running her fingers through it while nuzzling his cock with the tip of her nose, she again breathed him in deeply.

Undressing him, to see and feel the rest of his private, hidden areas in the shadows on the dim, moonlit night of the forest would be another special experience to dreamily describe and share with Gwen.

Adding to the excitement, Marc undressed her at the same time. He wanted to undress her. Did he like what he saw and felt, she wondered? Was she attractive to him? Maybe even sexy? Rhonda absolutely LOVED being undressed.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU


Liberating Rhonda is a sexy Sixties exploration of first crushes, kisses, and romantic relationships.

Marc didn’t know if it was rude to go to sleep after Rhonda relaxed him, but his total exhaustion left absolutely no energy to talk or even move. He felt like she had sensuously drained every atom of energy from him. It surprised him at those times that his heart had enough energy to continue beating.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU

Showering together

Liberating Rhonda is a tale of two curious teens, BFFs, in the Sixties who test the social and sexual boundaries regarding relationships and romance

Gwen faced the tile and let the hot shower spray wash away her tensions as Rhonda stood behind her, also naked and wet, massaging the shampoo into her scalp and long red hair. “The suds smell great and your strong hands know just how I like to be touched too, Rhonda,” she said without turning.”

“Your hair is thicker than mine and I love to get my hands in it, Gwen…as you already know,” grabbing large handfuls of thick sudsy mane and working the shampoo in. “It goes halfway down to your fine ass!” letting her hands slide slowly downward as the warm spray rinsed each section.

Groaning, Gwen pressed her face against the tiles. “I love it, baby, don’t stop massaging me. Please…that’s it. I’m all sudsy and soaking,” pinching her own distended nipples and sending shockwaves through her lower belly.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU

Braless protest

Liberating Rhonda is a sensual, sometimes explicit, tale of teen lust, love, and liberation in the Sixties. The first crush, first kiss, first romance and relationship, initial curiosities satisfied, and eventual disappointments are explored.

“Did you read in the paper about those women that burned their bras in public to protest women making less than men for the same job, Rhonda?”

“Yeah, I saw it, Gwen, it’s a pretty bold statement and they are right. None of those women were wearing a bra either, as part of their protest.”

” Well, I don’t wear a bra to school most days too, even though the school rules require it. It’s kinda my own protest, Rhonda.”

“Yeah, you can call it a protest if you want Gwen, but I think you do it for the attention you get from the guys!”

They shared a saucy, evil grin. ” I LOVE IT when the guys’ eyes get wide staring at my shirt! I love teasing and tempting them.”

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, kindle, KU

Undress me!

Liberating Rhonda is a sexy coming-of-age tale of young love and lust, romance and relationships, and betrayal and redemption in the early days of Women’s Liberation.

Even though they were fully clothed, Rhonda realized lying together in the forest darkness moved them further along their mutually chosen sexual path. Marc on top of her felt fabulous, too good, maybe. She liked it way too much.

Smiling to herself as he pulled the white long-sleeved blouse out of her skirt at the waist, it left him easy access to slide his hands underneath. The making out was stimulating, but if he became too worked up it also may result in a premature ending at worst, or even interfering with him from undressing her. Unwavering in her desire to be undressed, Rhonda decided to decrease the kissing intensity briefly to make it easier for him to focus on unbuttoning her sweater and blouse in the dark.

A silent smirk flashed across her face in the darkness when Marc unbuttoned her sweater and pulled her shirt out of her skirt, baring her belly and most of her chest. A hitch in her breath developed as she first exposed her flawless flesh to him for the first time. Groaning, she began to tremble as his eyes glazed over and became transfixed on her best lacy black bra.

Leaning forward and lowering his head, Marc positioned his hand to where the cup could be pulled down a little, just enough to take a taste.

Oh no, she panicked. Excitement and terror flooded her veins.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU

Sharing Marc

Liberating Rhonda is a sensual coming-of-age exploration of two teen girls curiosities about guys, relationships, romance, and sex.

Rhonda enjoyed Marc manually massaging her breasts and plucking her nipples while she pleasured him. Because of her desire for a longer-lasting experience, she learned to dial back her sexual intensity inside herself, and toward him, providing both a pleasurably longer, and still mutually satisfying time together.

She viewed Marc’s recovery period as an opportunity to snuggle and share feelings with him, although he was usually too exhausted to talk.

“I like lying next to him, topless, my head on his chest or belly, Gwen, listening to his heart rate slow down and relax. I know then Marc’s totally and completely calm and satisfied. His heartbeat’s so close to mine, and the proof of our success is safely inside me. Best of all, all the credit is mine,” her face beaming, yet content.

“It sounds so groovy Rhonda, to both of you. I can’t wait to do it myself!”

“Sometimes I get so turned on doing him, especially when he’s touching me just right, I almost have an orgasm myself. I don’t want to do that with him, yet,” she said.

Rhonda also admitted there were affectionate feelings for Marc too, not just lust. “I think I love him, Gwen. I’m not really positive because he’s my first real boyfriend, but I get butterflies in my stomach and my heart races when I get a glimpse of him in the halls at school. It happens whenever I hear his voice or even thinking about meeting him again.”

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU


Liberating Rhonda is a sensuous Sixties coming-of-age romp featuring Rhonda and her BFF Gwen and their curiosities about guys, romance, sex, and relationships.…

After several more minutes of incendiary Frenching, Marc quickly rolled on top of her. Her eyes locked onto his, bright with excitement and anticipation. Breathing on both sides became shallow and quick, panting.

Although thrilled feeling Marc’s body pressing on top of her, Rhonda worried he might try to go all the way with her, a delightful but dangerous thought. Unprepared for the overwhelming avalanche of emotional and moist sensual possibilities growing within her, she decided to divert him.

“No, not now, not yet,” Rhonda murmured, turning her head slightly, exposing her slender and very sensitive neck to him. It would serve to distract him before he got any other wild ideas.

“Kiss my neck, baby. I really like to be kissed there, too” she purred.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU

Twigs crackling

Liberating Rhonda is a sensual, sometimes explicit, coming-of-age tale of teen curiosities about guys, romance, and relationships featuring Rhonda and her BFF Gwen.…

Approaching the thick dark tall pine trees, the dense blackness made Rhonda uncomfortable. She heard twigs crackling as something moved slowly through the brush. Owls hooted from the branches high above. Doubts about meeting Marc began to creep into her mind. Stomach churning, her breathing accelerated as she heard the continuous snapping sounds getting closer. What if it was a bear? A mountain lion?

She had spent enough time at the local lake and surrounding forests with her father to know considerable wildlife roamed the area, at least a few brown bears and bobcats, let alone skunks. Rhonda could just imagine getting sprayed by a skunk in the woods in the middle of the night. Trying to explain that one to her mom would be impossible.

Fifty yards from the forest she spotted a silhouette standing at the edge, looking in her direction. Her heart skipped a beat and her body didn’t relax until she got close enough to make out more features in the faint moonlight.

“Marc? Is that you?” her voice hushed and tentative as she gradually approached.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU

Forest Rendezvous

Liberating Rhonda is a sensual teen exploration of guys, lust, romance, sex, and relationships, featuring Rhonda and her BFF Gwen.…

“Marc? Is that you?” her voice hushed and tentative as she gradually approached the blackened forest.

“Yeah, it’s me Rhonda,” he replied, a relieved grin flashing across his face too as Marc stepped out of the shadows.

“I’m so glad to see you,” she sighed, with a thankful smile.

“I’m glad to see you too,” he replied. “We better get into the shadows though, out of sight.” With only a quick kiss, Rhonda found herself being led by the hand deeper into the darkness.

She reluctantly followed along. “Are you sure this place is safe Marc?”

“Sure. I come here all the time Rhonda, and no one’s ever bothered me,” he answered. “No dangerous animals either.”

Does he come here with other girls? crossed her mind briefly. She didn’t want to spoil the moment though, and mentally set that troubling thought aside for now.

“Well, are you sure about seeing any wild animals around here? I hear something crackling in the brush Marc…” she persisted.

“Nope. Not once. A bunch of us guys come here sometimes to camp out and we’ve never had a problem either,” he explained. “It’s probably just a raccoon or a possum. Relax, Rhonda,” he wanted her good and relaxed.

Camping with some guys is alright…no girls, she silently concluded.

“Well…I don’t know…I hear something in the bushes, don’t you?”

“Nothing to worry about Rhonda.” Turning, Marc smiled, took her face in his hands and kissed her on the mouth. Her reservations dissolved as she returned his kiss. The tingling in her belly turned warm and began to spread.

She allowed Marc to slide his hands inside her coat, wrap his strong arms around her, and pull her close. The natural heat of their bodies together offset the cool night air.

Pressing herself against him, Rhonda wanted to make their time together into a lasting romantic, whole-body experience. She intended to explore and kiss him all over, eventually pleasing and pleasuring every inch of Marc, starting with his mouth and face.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson, Author, Kindle, KU

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