“I want it all – everything there is to life! What’s wrong with that?” Rhonda asked. “Being a liberated woman is the perfect way to get it. Unless you take a taste, you’ve missed out. I want to taste it all!”

“Great Read…Fascinating tale of the maturation of a woman. Hope there’s a sequel!”


“Sweet Journey of Growing Up”


Liberating Rhonda is a spicy, sometimes explicit, coming-of-age tale. Taking place in the tumultuous sixties and the early days of women’s liberation, the story pushes social and sexual boundaries of the times. Book one of the trilogy takes a racy look at Rhonda’s trials and tribulations, romantic relationships, loves and losses. Her best friend Gwen is smart, attractive and anxious to learn right along her BFF.

“Young adult Sexcapades!
It drew me in from the beginning.”


“Unique & Addicting Story!”


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